Reach Out to Relevant Vendors Directly

Legal professionals needing immediate help can now reach out directly to vendors to contact them.

Vendor Profile

Matching Vendors

After a legal professional posts their case a list of vendors will be displayed based on their requirements for the case.

Select Vendor

Selecting a Vendor

Legal professionals can view a vendors profile and decide which one fits their needs.



Selecting the button “Notify Vendor” will send that vendor an email alert. The vendors contact number will also be displayed.



The legal professional and vendor are now able to work together through messages on the website or by phone.

Vendor Bids

Keep in mind, a legal professionals case will still be sent out for bids just like before. Therefore they can still review incoming bids and profiles before deciding on a vendor.


Legal Professionals
  • Compare vendors to find the one that will work best
  • Reach out directly to a selected vendor
  • Bids can still be accepted and compared
Litigation Support Vendor
  • Vendors don't have to spend a token
  • Get the first opportunity to work with the legal professional
  • Vendors can upgrade their account to help stand out amongst other vendors