Top 10 Reasons Litigation Support Vendors Use

  1. Sign Up For Free
    It’s FREE to signup and receive automated alerts about new cases via email or on our free mobile app
  2. Free Bid
    1 FREE bid is included at signup to get started.
  3. Bid Options
    After using the FREE bid, our “Pay As You Go” & “Unlimited Bids Monthly Subscription” membership options make it easy to try, then save money when bidding more frequently.
  4. Vendor Profile
    Advertise directly to target customers. Each bid includes a “Vendor Profile” that is used as a sales pitch, which is validated using a “Like” count to show the level of positive feedback from Legal Professionals.
  5. Nationwide
    Become a nationwide company without the cost of expansion by joining our nationwide network of vendors.  Set your coverage area to only include specific Metro Areas, States or select Nationwide to get them all.
  6. Long Term Customers
    Find and establish great long term customers without searching court dockets, case filings or cold calling law firms.
  7. Fill Gaps
    Fill in revenue gaps between current customer cases and/or recover profit from discounts offered in preferred vendor agreements
  8. Marketing
    Market Services that current customer base doesn’t use.
  9. Stand Out
    Stand out amongst the competition by advertising as a “Featured Vendor” on
  10. Mobile App
    Save time by using FREE mobile app on the go!