Here at Litigation Bids, we take security and privacy very seriously.  To safeguard our clients’ information, we have implemented the following measures:

You Control What You Share

Litigation Bids iPadCase Information is Never Shared or Displayed – When creating a new case a legal professional can enter their case name.  The case name is only used as a way for them to keep track of their case. It is never shared with anyone or shown anywhere else on the website besides their secure Account page.  (Think of this as an internal note only.)

Contact Information is Never Shared or Displayed – When a vendor replies to a case, they cannot see the contact information or even the name of the firm who created it.  The only information visible to vendors is the user name and the case details so they can accurately provide a bid.  If a legal professional chooses that vendor, they get to decide what contact information they want to provide that vendor.

Our Entire Website is Secured and Encrypted

Litigation Bids SecurityPassword Protected Accounts – One of the most basic steps to securing our user’s information is the use of password protected accounts.  By requiring password access, our users are the only ones who can view their contact and case information.

SSL Encryption – The entire website is encrypted with SSL technology just like online banking.  By encrypting all traffic and activity on the website, information entered into the site is secured between the user’s computer and the server, preventing hackers from stealing the data over the Internet.

Website Firewalls and Server Security – To further safeguard user information, we have invested in additional security measures such as a Web Application Firewall (WAF), malware scanning, and other server and website hardening functionality.

While some of this information is fairly technical, we believe in transparency with our users and wanted to let everyone know some of the steps we have taken to safeguard our users’ information.  When you use, you can rest assured that your case details and contact information will remain secure.

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