& The Allen’s – “Mom’s Magic Wand” – 7.25.16

“ & The Allen’s” is our weekly journal of what it’s like for us to start a family, balance careers and grow a startup business. We are Brad and Nicole Allen and we’d like to welcome you to our fun & crazy life. Hopefully our little stories will provide some positive moments in your day!


“Mom’s Magic Wand” by N.A. 

Sleepless nights, heart breaking cries and uncomfortable wiggling (like the kind of wiggling you do to try and squeeze into a pair of Spanx) is what landed us in the pediatrician’s office Friday.

Looking back on the exhausting day I wish there was a camera on the wall to video us trying to get ready and out the door. It started out in the morning with Brad trying so hard to make it to the doctor with me. I could hear him in the other room trying to move meetings. When he walked into the bedroom I pretended to be preoccupied and unable to hear what was going on. I could see the stress in his eyes of struggling with big meetings for, his day job and going to the doctor. He always puts us first and he makes that very well known to me. But for me I knew what was wrong with our daughter because it’s the same thing I have dealt with my entire life, Acid Reflux. I knew this would be a short trip to the doctor and besides I’m a mom I can do this by myself…..

So with my “I can do this all by myself attitude” I knew I needed to start getting us both ready 2 hours in advance. About 30 minutes into that 2 hours it hit me, I had emails I forgot to send the day before and mid month sales numbers I never sent out to my team this week. In my moment of panic I did what I had to do… called my mom, AKA NANA!!! Before I could go into explaining why I needed help and for her to possibly go to the doctor with me she says “of course honey I’m on my way over, then she hangs up.”  I stand looking in the mirror halfway dressed with spit up on one of my three shirts that actually fits. Before I could finish putting my clothes on I hear the back door open and Mom to the rescue. It’s really hard for me to ask for help, especially when I always think about the many women that don’t have any help and do this by themselves.

Before I knew it, I hear the back door open and I hear my moms voice. In that moment I knew I might actually get out the door completely dressed and my work completed. She swoops in, takes the baby and goes to get her ready. About 10 minutes later she is back in my bathroom with baby completely ready. (It would have taken me that long to try and find a matching outfit). I take step towards my mom and notice that the blow dryer cord is wrapped around my leg and the leg of my vanity chair. I catch myself before falling on my face my mom and I just look at each other and laugh. She hugs me with one arm because she is holding the baby in the other and says in her soothing voice, “slow down sweetheart. Finish getting dressed and get your work done. I got the rest. You are doing a great job and I’m so proud of you.” She knows me well enough to know that I want so badly to have all this done and make it look so simple without the help of anyone. As she heads in the other room I forget the blow dryer is still wrapped around my leg so I start to walk in the bedroom and down I go. At this point the only thing I can do is laugh and hope nobody heard me fall.

Finally dressed, as I head into the living room I open the bedroom door to notice the clean clothes I had taken out of the dryer that morning and put on the couch are folded and stacked to be put away. The washer and dryer are going and all the bottles I had soaking in the sink are washed, sterilized and on the drying rack. It’s like my mom waved a magic wand and transformed my house and did it all with one hand because she still hasn’t put down the baby. That would have taken me two hours to do with both arms free. As we get everything in the car, and all situated, I sit in the back with baby and mom drives. Half way to doctors office I’m running through my head of what I did and didn’t get finished before we rushed out the door, that’s when it hit me, I honestly don’t even know if I brushed my teeth….

I know that each day is a learning experience and Friday I learned a lot. First, The statement that it takes a village to raise children is true. Second, I’m very lucky to have my family around the corner to help, because not everyone has the support system that we do. Third, I need to not be so prideful and ask for help more. Forth, I need to find out how to get the magic wand my mom has and figure out how she can get so much done with one arm.

At the end of the day, I may not have done everything perfectly but I got what I needed to do for work finished and most importantly my daughter was taken care of and made it to the doctor. Motherhood isn’t as glamorous as I had thought and it doesn’t always play out the way you think it will. As each day presents a new challenge, we can only do our best to figure out how to get things done.  Friday, I came to the conclusion that if I can be half the woman and mother my mom is, then I’ll be doing alright!

Have a great Monday!