& The Allen’s – “Life Behind BARS” – 7.18.16 & The Allen’s” is our weekly journal of what it’s like for us to start a family, balance careers and grow a startup business.  We are Brad and Nicole Allen and we’d like to welcome you to our fun & crazy life. Hopefully our little stories will provide some positive moments in your day!


“Life Behind BARS” – By B.A.

Our weekend was full of apple tv movie rentals and grilling. I even made the effort to make a homemade pizza, which ended up a disaster because I can never get the amount of sauce right. I ended up forgetting to check my work phone until late; realizing I had to head out to College Station for a site visit and was meeting a group there. Luckily, Nicole didn’t ask me to do much as our little one didn’t have a good night and her little stomach was keeping her up tossing and turning all night. So basically, my beautiful wife was on high alert all night and has a long day ahead of her.

I get up, shower and throw my suit on without a tie. It’s 105 degrees in Texas, but I wear suits; it’s just what I like to do. I think it shows whomever you are meeting with a higher level of respect. Eventhough, I do stare at the polo and try to rationalize why a polo, jeans and cowboy boots would be the perfect work attire for today…my suit always wins.

I know I’ll be on the road today so eating isn’t going to be an easy task as our family makes an effort to eat healthy. It’s almost impossible to find a restaurant that offers a true healthy meal. I used to rely on grilled chicken salads/wraps from fast food places, but I found out how much sodium they had so…no mas. I swing open my pantry and grab two Quest Bars…Smore’s flavor this time; as they offer almost no sugar and very low sodium. Nicole and I both would be lost without these little pieces of heaven. I drop one off with Nicole who’s just barely awake, and I know she needs to sleep after the long night.

We have made the leap to the auto-order from Amazon to keep our shelves stocked with these items. Those and the 5 hour energies for me…it’s my version of coffee. I know there are others out there that live like we do, because now the little one’s food is our first priority and it takes time.  We have chosen to live “life behind bars.” AND WE LOVE IT.

Have a great Monday…