& The Allen’s – “Clean Your Pool” – 8.26.16 & The Allen’s” is our weekly journal of what it’s like for us to start a family, balance careers and grow a startup business.  We are Brad and Nicole Allen and we’d like to welcome you to our fun & crazy life. Hopefully, our little stories will provide some positive moments in your day!

“Clean Your Pool” – By B.A

Anyone that’s ever tried to keep up with a pool understands the constant battle with green algae.  All of the effort to manage the chemicals and the Chlorine levels up are trumped by one rainy day or sometimes by some mysterious force of nature that somehow turns my pool into an “Ecto-Cooler” like neon green.



So, I started to think about how I deal with my pool and it became really clear (no pun intended).  Pool care is a great analogy for how you take care of everything in our lives.  What happens when you don’t put effort into keeping up the chemicals in your pool or if you go out of town for a week and just pray it will be fine?  Usually, you end up with a nasty green pool that is going to take some serious money, effort and time to repair the damage you have caused.

Now, think about your health, your relationship, your kids, your business, your money or your home. There’re so many things that need our attention in our lives, and without taking action they too can grow that same green color.  I think everyone can see where this is going, but are we willing to make the efforts.  I mean it’s just about simple decisions, but dammit sometimes it’s truly painful to make those simple & easy choices.  I personally find it soothing to get lost in distractions rather than taking action, but in order to be successful and take care of the things we are responsible for we have to endure some pain.

It’s Friday which is usually PAYDAY, so let’s talk about Money.  It’s a subject I think we all can relate too and agree is pretty important in our lives.  [No, I didn’t choose it as a topic because it’s also green, but the irony is hard to ignore.]  Ask yourself, how much time do you check facebook per day?  How much time to do you spend watching Netflix shows (I recommend “Longmire”, “Stranger Things” and “Bloodline”)?  How much time do you spend exercising?  Now ask yourself; how much time do you spend going through your bank account?  Do you know how your 401K is performing vs. other investment options?  Do you know how much money you need to retire?  If you lost your job, how long could you float your bills?  Ok, take a deep breath…1-2-3, now exhale!  It’s all good.  I was in the same boat and still am a work in progress.  To keep myself motivated I think of it like this; not knowing your finances is like not studying for a test, and you take a test every time you spend your money.

Listen, we all need a brush, a net, skimmers, chemicals and a creepy crawler to keep our pools clean right?   We need to know how to use those tools and get off our butts and use them, right?  Back when we were preparing to launch, I was forced to learn every detail of my financial situation.  I had to set myself a personal goal to work as hard on my finances as I do in my workouts. If I worked out for an hour, I’d spend the same amount of time learning about my finances & how to use the tools available.  It takes a daily effort to keep the algae at bay.  After a few months, the money stress fades, as you start to know the answers to every test you take.  You have the perfect combo of chemicals you need to keep the algae from growing, but sometimes things happen that are out of your control. [When you have a party and none of your guests leave the pool for 4 hours, but seem to have enjoyed several beverages] When this time comes; you’ve got the tools to fix it.

It’s crazy to think of all the hard work I’ve put into earning a paycheck over the years, but I wasn’t taking the time to take care of it!


On the other hand, it’s FRIDAY!! As with every Friday, in our house, we do Friday Firsts where we do something positive that we’ve never done before.  So maybe think about a financial first you could do today.

Have an awesome weekend!