& The Allen’s! – Taking off when your child is born – 7.12.16

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Taking off when your child is born.. – B.A.

I took vacation for the first time since the baby was born (now that the quarter is over) and it was better than I ever expected.  I get to spend time with her during the week, but when you’re ultra focused on tasks during the day you sometimes don’t realize what you’re missing.  I’m a pretty involved Dad, but my amazing wife does most of the heavy-lifting and it was extremely important for me to experience the daily routines with my daughter.  As they say, you never get these moments back.  I can truly say that no beach vacation can match the rejuvenating power to succeed than spending a few days with your newborn daughter in your arms.  I wouldn’t exactly call it a “restful” type of rejuvenation, it’s more like a new level of purpose.  All of the little things that bother or stress you go out the door, instead you only care about how to make sure she’s happy and safe.  Nothing in this world like being a Dad.

Sure, I took only a few emails and calls during this time.  Some things needed to be dealt with, but you find that your customers and co-workers totally understand what you’re going through.  I also have started to hone my “Activity vs. Productivity” in a bit, as time is valuable but no time is more valuable than the time you spend with your family.  I was on stay-cation and aside from a few projects I got just as much done as if I was fully engaged.  It’s amazing what we can do when we truly “want” to.

A note on “wanting“.  I just find it interesting how important “wanting” is in our lives and how little time we pay attention to this simple idea.  Wanting is defined as “lacking in a certain required or necessary quality. Not existing or supplied; absent.”  Ask yourself when the last time you truly personally “wanted” something in business?  On my stay-cation I “wanted” to be 100% engaged with my daughter.  My desire forced me to improve my efficiency of communication and cut out unnecessary details…maybe when we truly want something…we need to take note of what we did in order to get it.