Litigation Support in a Modern Caseload

Sitting somewhere at the intersection between project management and modern technology in the legal field, lies the rapidly growing service of litigation support. Given the nightmarish task of preparing documentation for almost any court case, litigation support provides the assistance necessary for the comprehensive review, preparation, collection, and processing of the voluminous documentation required for trial. The nature of litigation in today’s legal world requires that a tremendous amount of electronic documentation be organized and prepared, so that the most effective presentation can be made during the course of a trial, and the best chance of winning a case can be obtained.

The Modern Caseload

The uniform practice in court rooms throughout this country is rapidly moving toward the use of E-discovery, and access to this service is quickly becoming essential to legal teams for the proper conduct of their cases. E-discovery is short for ‘electronic discovery’, and it includes the collection of processes used to seek out, find, and secure information which is intended for use in the conduct of a civil or criminal legal trial. This can be done via a network, on a standalone computer, or completely offline.

The huge advantage presented by E-discovery is that facts obtained through this method are much more easily retrieved, searched, and organized, as opposed to attempting to execute those same functions with paper documents. Any legal team still trying to prepare for trial with hard copy documentation would be at a severe disadvantage, in terms of the time and effort required.

The individual processes which comprise E-discovery litigation support allow legal professionals to take advantage of maximum resources which can most effectively support their legal case.

  • Collection – during this phase, information is gathered either on-site or at remote locations, and known best practices of the industry are always observed.
  • Processing – rather than burden the litigator with the enormous task of processing, an experienced team instead carries out all the groundwork of filtering out irrelevant data, while retaining the relevant data.
  • Reviewing – during this phase, data which was previously collected is made accessible online, and easily searchable so as to facilitate rapid lookups later on.
  • Production – in this phase, any necessary copies are prepared for use as prints, images, videos, etc.


Finding the best litigation support team

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