Do you need products and services from support vendors?

Litigation Bids can help you connect with litigation support vendors locally or nationwide. Sign up to post your case anonymously and start receiving notifications of vendors who can directly help you with any of your litigation needs.

How It Works

After signing up and logging in, select “Add Case” from your profile
Signing up is 100% free for legal professionals.
Select the product and/or services you need for your case
A separate case will be created for each product and service you require.
Enter in your case information for the vendor to review
Note: Only your username, products requested and your message is included in the posting. See an example case.
Review your case details and when ready, submit your case to our vendor network
Your name, company and case information are 100% secured and anonymous on the site. Learn More.
You can also use Direct Connect by selecting one of the vendors listed on the case submission confirmation page.
Select the vendor and they will be notified of your case and interest. The vendors phone number will also be displayed after clicking “Notify Vendor”.
As vendor bids come in you’ll be notified by email & the mobile app to respond.
Responding to a bid message opens up a chat with that vendor. Only your username is provided until you decide to share your contact information.
After you have chosen a vendor you can close your case in the My Cases section of your account profile.
Closing your case will also allow you to select which vendor you chose notifing all other vendors that you have closed your case on Litigation Bids.

Secure and Anonymous

Your name, company and case information are 100% secured and anonymous on the site. Vendors only see your case description and the products and services you are looking for.

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View Example Case

Want to see what vendors see? View an example case to see how your case information might look to a vendor.

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