LB Rewards – Legal Professionals Customer Loyalty Program

We understand is a totally new concept, and that it requires you to make a change in how you do things. Although, we believe it’s a change for the better; change isn’t an easy thing to do. LB Rewards is a customer loyalty program created to reward YOU, our legal professional customers, for making that change & posting your work on

How do I enroll?
LB Rewards is automatically added to your FREE account when you sign up for with as a Legal Professional.

How does it work?
Earning LB Rewards is simple. Every time you submit a new post you earn 10 LB Reward Points. Every time you earn 50 LB Reward Points you earn a $15 Amazon gift card.

*Gift Cards are electronic and emailed within the week they are requested.
*LB Rewards Points are only awarded for verified posts that receive at least 1 bid from a vendor.