Importance of Court Reporting Services to Resolve Legal Cases

Court reporters are not often considered in the context of the big legal picture, since most of the time they seem to be silent and invisible observers of the proceedings. The truth of the matter is that these individuals are highly skilled, very intelligent people who can have a great deal of influence on the outcome of a legal trial. There are few professions which demand from candidates such an extensive knowledge of language, the terminology associated with various industries, and all the devices and software comprising modern technology.

On top of all that, court reporters are of course, also required to have the capability of taking dictation at a very high rate of speed, between 200 and 260 words-per-minute – with a minimum of 95% accuracy. It’s easy to see how it might sometimes be difficult to find a court reporter who possesses all these skills, just because the requirements are so stringent.

How court reporters help resolve legal cases

Court reporters who work with firms that provide such services to courts are in a position to be using the most advanced technology for the purpose of recording and transcribing. Firms like these often have business relationships with technology companies that provide courtroom software and hardware that can make a real difference in the process. Independent court reporters who are well versed in the latest technologies can also add significant value to clients’ cases, because of their ability to provide more services, as well as better overall service.

During the long period of a case beginning with trial preparation and culminating with the actual trial, a great many resources are needed in order to present the most effective case to a judge and jury. The court reporter who has an understanding and familiarity with many of these cost-effective resources can help a legal team manage costs while still developing a compelling case. 

Official records and a vast array of related materials must be taken, prepared, presented, stored, and retrieved throughout the duration of a typical legal case, and a skilled court reporter can bring value to all these activities on behalf of a legal team. It is very common for a legal team to place its trust in a highly competent court reporter, with regard to recommending the best technologies to use, and the best methods for accomplishing the necessary processing of case documentation.

Obtaining litigation support

The litigation support provided by a skilled court reporter can be invaluable to a legal team in pursuit of its case objectives, and its no exaggeration to say that a really good professional can have a major impact on the outcome of any given trial. One of the best sources for finding such skilled professionals is the online site, where legal professionals are brought together in one place, for their mutual benefit.