Where do vendors view cases to bid on?

Here’s how to view your specific cases that are available for bid.


1You must register as a VENDOR or if already registered, make sure you’re logged in.  Your username will show on the menu bar if you are logged in. Click your username on the menu bar to get to your “Account Page”.


2Select the tab marked “My Products & Services” and click all of the products & services you offer.  Click the green “Save Profile” button to save your updates.


3Select the tab marked “My Coverage Area” and select the state or states you cover.  Once you click the state, metro areas of that state will appear for you to select as well.  Click the green “Save Profile” button to save your updates. *Steps 3 & 4 only need to be completed 1 time.


4Select the tab marked “My Profile”. Then select the button “My Cases” to view any cases available for you to bid on.  *If there are no cases available, refresh you page and recheck.  If still nothing, then you don’t have any current opportunities, but you’ll receive automatic notifications via email and/or our free iphone app when new opportunities are added.