1) Is LitigationBids.com like Ebay where the lowest bid automatically wins?

No! When vendors receive work request notifications for them to bid on it’s like a customer asking for a quote. Vendors provide a bid/quote that is sent along with their vendor profile for the legal professional to review. Legal professionals review, can respond with questions to the bidding vendors and then select the vendor they want to work with.

2) What products or services are offered on LitigationBids.com?

Our nationwide vendor network offers access to hundreds of products and services no matter where your case takes you.  Click the link to view all of our products & services offered through our vendor network.  Products & Services

3) How will vendors know if they are selected?

Vendors can be selected in 2 ways:

  1. Bid Reply: Vendors that submit a bid will be replied to by the legal professional notifying them of being selected.
  2. Direct Connect Email and/or Call: Vendors selected from the direct connect listings will receive an immediate email and/or notification on the app that have been selected.  Legal professionals can also choose to call the selected vendor as the phone number is presented after selection.


4) Do other vendors see my bid?

No.  When replying to a posted work request your bid is only visible to the legal professional that posted it.

5) How many cases can I bid on?

Vendor profiles include a Bid Token count.  This count is how many cases you can currently bid on.  You must purchase more Bid Tokens to reply to new cases if you have none left on your account page.

6) Can I share my account?

Legal Professional Users sharing an account is completely within LitigationBids.com guidelines, and we understand there are several situations that make this necessary.  Please keep in mind that all communications will be going back to the registered user’s email.

Vendor Users are prohibited from sharing accounts and will be subject to removal/ban without reimbursement of fees. Should a large group wish to share one “Enterprise Account” and create several sub-accounts to save money, we can create custom accounts with special pricing to accommodate.

7) Where do vendors view cases to bid on?

Here’s how to view your specific cases that are available for bid.


1You must register as a VENDOR or if already registered, make sure you’re logged in.  Your username will show on the menu bar if you are logged in. Click your username on the menu bar to get to your “Account Page”.


2Select the tab marked “My Products & Services” and click all of the products & services you offer.  Click the green “Save Profile” button to save your updates.


3Select the tab marked “My Coverage Area” and select the state or states you cover.  Once you click the state, metro areas of that state will appear for you to select as well.  Click the green “Save Profile” button to save your updates. *Steps 3 & 4 only need to be completed 1 time.


4Select the tab marked “My Profile”. Then select the button “My Cases” to view any cases available for you to bid on.  *If there are no cases available, refresh you page and recheck.  If still nothing, then you don’t have any current opportunities, but you’ll receive automatic notifications via email and/or our free iphone app when new opportunities are added.  

8) I didn’t receive my Password Setup email or Reset Password email?

If you don’t receive your initial setup password email after registering or your reset password email if you have forgotten your password; it’s most likely they are getting caught in your email’s junk/spam filters.  Please check these folders in your email.

To avoid this from happening again please make us a trusted sender.  There are different methods depending on your email client and a simple google search will provide several options for you.

9) How Do I Reset My Password?

Click here to reset your password.

10) What happens to vendor accounts after I use my Free Bid?

After using your Free Bid; you’ll continue to receive new case notifications but you won’t be able to reply/bid.  To reply/bid on a case you’ll need to sign in, go to your vendor profile page and purchase individual bids with the “pay as you go” option or select a monthly payment option that provides “unlimited bids.”

11) How do vendors know when a new job is posted?

(New Feature) After registering as a vendor and completing the vendor profile, you’ll receive automatic email notifications with links to new cases and alerts on your LitigationBids.com iPhone app.

To complete your vendor profile: 

  • Login to LitigationBids.com
  • Complete the following sections: My Services, My Coverage Area
  • My Company Summary and My Logo are optional, but encouraged.
  • Click Save Profile

12) Can vendors search for jobs to bid on?

LitigationBids.com uses automatic email notifications and mobile app alerts with links to new cases.  Simply register, complete your vendor profile, then forget about it.  We’ll let you know when work is ready to be bid on!

13) How do I submit a request for litigation support?

Step 1 – Login or sign up, if it’s your first time.

Step 2 – Go to your account page and click the green Add Job button.

Step 3 – Select Your Products/Services, Add Case Information, Review and click Add Case.

14) How do I cancel my membership?

To cancel, go to your account page and select cancel.

15) How many people can use my login?

There is no limit to how many users per login, but please remember that vendors will be responding to the jobs you post through the email that you designated when you signed up.

16) How Do I Update My Billing Information?

If your credit card is about to expire, or your billing address changes you can log in and view the account page to update that information.

17) What types of files can i attach to my bid and how large can the file size be?

You can attach the following file types to a case reply:

  • Power Point
  • Word Document
  • Excel Document
  • PDF
  • Zipped File

File sizes are limited to 5MB.  We recommend uploading PDFs as the best option.

If you need to send a number of files together or a large file over 5MB you can use a Microsofts cloud drive, Google Drive, Dropbox or any other file upload service.  Then you can paste the link into the case reply box.

Helpful links

  1. Compress your PDF to a smaller size or convert various file types to a PDF
  2. See how to convert a word document to a PDF.
  3. See how to zip up multiples files