Prepare for these Litigation Disasters

Just as a good CIO needs to have contingency plans in place in case of a network crash, they need to be ready to respond to legal requests for electronically stored information. This process is known as electronic discovery, otherwise referred to as e-discovery. A timely response to any e-discovery request is critical, as any hesitation […]

Video Depositions Offer You an Advantage at Trial

There is no question that video is a very powerful tool for influencing the opinions and understanding of most people, and that makes a compelling reason for using video as one of your most persuasive pillars for litigation support. More than 55% of all Americans will watch at least one video online every single day, according […]

Importance of Court Reporting Services to Resolve Legal Cases

Court reporters are not often considered in the context of the big legal picture, since most of the time they seem to be silent and invisible observers of the proceedings. The truth of the matter is that these individuals are highly skilled, very intelligent people who can have a great deal of influence on the outcome of […]

Litigation Support in a Modern Caseload

Sitting somewhere at the intersection between project management and modern technology in the legal field, lies the rapidly growing service of litigation support. Given the nightmarish task of preparing documentation for almost any court case, litigation support provides the assistance necessary for the comprehensive review, preparation, collection, and processing of the voluminous documentation required for trial. The […]

6 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Video Deposition Service

Video depositions for arbitration and trials are becoming increasingly popular because they provide a more complete record of the deposition than the standard written transcript. Video depositions are also much more likely to keep a jury’s attention. We simply need to look at the explosion in popularity of videos on the Internet to see the power of […]

5 Ways to Find a Reliable Court Reporter

When clients need court reporting services, they may wonder where to find a court reporter or how the reporter’s qualifications can be determined. Many clients are unaware of the cost to hire qualified court reporters and they don’t know how transcripts are delivered. Here, clients can learn some valuable tips to help in the search […]

11 Key Questions to Ask Your Next Court Reporter

Ensure the accuracy of your transcripts and the success of your case by hiring the right court reporter. Choosing a court reporter is a task that should not be taken lightly. The key to winning a case is a precise and accurate transcription, and if you don’t hire a qualified reporter, you may be risking your case. Since […]

Why It’s Becoming Hard to Find a Court Reporter

The demand for certified court reporters is outpacing the supply, and the situation is expected to get worse as current court reporters retire.  According to the 2013-2014 Court Reporting Industry Outlook Report written by Ducker Worldwide, “Decreased enrollment and graduation rates for court reporters, combined with significant retirement rates, will create by 2018 a critical […]

Anonymously Add Your Case keeps your identity private until you decide to reveal it to a vendor. After submitting your requests, you can chat with each bidding vendor individually and your identity will remain protected. You aren’t putting your phone number or email out for the masses to call or email you daily. In fact, if you have […]

Take Your Business From Local to National can take your business from local to national as soon as you sign up! Want to see work opportunities for the services you offer in a different state? How about just in a different metro area? No problem. Simply adjust your coverage area options to include your desired market and BOOM you’ve just expanded! […]

Vendor Profile allows you to advertise directly to your target legal professional customers. Every bid you send includes a “Vendor Profile” that is used as your sales pitch, which is then strengthened using a “Like” count to quickly show the level of positive feedback you have been given. We provide a direct line to your target […]

No Commitment

You aren’t obligated to use any of the bidding vendors when you submit your litigation support needs on, but why wouldn’t you? We all know that cases can settle or continue, which would eliminate your need for the services you requested. Whatever your reason is for not using our bidding vendors; has you […] is quick & easy to use!

Can you search google and find several litigation support vendors to call and explain what you need in less than a minute? You can with Not only to do we bring the vendors to you, but they provide a quote, detailed vendor profile to review, and a “Like” count to see if others have […]

LB Rewards – Legal Professionals Customer Loyalty Program

We understand is a totally new concept, and that it requires you to make a change in how you do things. Although, we believe it’s a change for the better; change isn’t an easy thing to do. LB Rewards is a customer loyalty program created to reward YOU, our legal professional customers, for making […]

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Our FREE Bid at sign up allows you an opportunity to win business and/or put your brand in front of your target customer without spending a dime. Let’s Recap…It’s Free to sign up and receive notifications of litigation support work requests, plus you already have a Bid to use. No matter what litigation support services […] is 100% Free for Legal Professionals!

We know what you’re thinking.  Free isn’t ever really “Free” these days.  Well, with we mean absolutely, positively, without a doubt FREE, FREE FREE.  We are talking $0… hidden fees or upgrades needed to get access to every litigation support product and service you could ever need. Being the first and only online litigation […] is Free for Vendors to get started!

What exactly does that mean? After signing up and filling out your vendor profile, you’ll start receiving automated email and mobile alerts with new litigation support work opportunities. You don’t spend a single penny until you find an opportunity for litigation support work you’re interested in. Our mission is to make the best lead […]

Top 10 Reasons Litigation Support Vendors Use

Sign Up For FreeIt’s FREE to signup and receive automated alerts about new cases via email or on our free mobile app Free Bid1 FREE bid is included at signup to get started. Bid OptionsAfter using the FREE bid, our “Pay As You Go” & “Unlimited Bids Monthly Subscription” membership options make it easy to […]

Top 10 Reasons Legal Professionals Use

100% Free Costs you nothing LB Rewards Earn 10 points per post, every 50 points earned you get $15 Amazon gift card Short Process Quick & easy to use ( See how it works below ) No Commitment Not obligated to use any bidding vendors (but why wouldn’t you?) Anonymous No contact info shared Website […]

See how we help with insurance claims litigation

Are you an insurance claims adjuster with several cases going to trial soon? You know it’s important that your defense counsel has every litigation support service he or she needs. But, those litigation support products & services can be very expensive. That’s where comes in. Submit any and all litigation support needs anonymously on […]

See why small-medium law firms use

Has litigation support eaten up a lot of your time and money? You don’t have to waste any more time trying to search and price out vendors. There’s a better way, and it’s right here at Post your support needs at quickly and easily. Save time and money by posting anytime and anywhere, […]

Why Large Firm’s Love

Large firms have hundreds of offices all over the country. If your office is in Pittsburg and you have a trial in Houston, is here to make your life easier. There’s no need to stress about a case in an unfamiliar court room. Find local vendors on who have the experience you need. […]

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Every day Brad J. Allen hopes to pair lawyers with litigation support vendors just like seeks to establish connections between singles in the online dating world.

After toiling in the litigation support field for many years, Allen says he realized there was a need to introduce companies offering those services to litigating lawyers needing them.