5 Ways to Find a Reliable Court Reporter

When clients need court reporting services, they may wonder where to find a court reporter or how the reporter’s qualifications can be determined. Many clients are unaware of the cost to hire qualified court reporters and they don’t know how transcripts are delivered. Here, clients can learn some valuable tips to help in the search for court reporters.

1. Contact Court Reporting Firms

In the search for court reporting services, the direct route is typically not the best one. Most reporters are affiliated with court reporting agencies that handle administrative duties such as production, scheduling, and billing, while the reporter’s job is to take down words spoken at arbitration hearings, depositions, and court hearings. By developing a relationship with vendors through www.litigationbids.com, a client can ensure accountability, availability, and the highest quality transcription services.

2. Consider the Cost

The cost of services from certified court reporters depends on the jurisdiction where the proceedings take place and on the special services required by the client. For instance, services in a large city are typically less costly than those provided in small, rural areas. Additional services such as videography, rough drafts of transcripts, and real-time updates can increase the cost of court reporting regardless of location.

3. Finding a Reliable Court Reporter Through Referrals

The search for a quality court reporter can be a difficult one but, like other professional services, it can start with referrals. Begin by asking colleagues which companies they use and why they chose that particular company. Equally important is to ask which agencies should be avoided.

4. Using Online Search to Find Court Reporters

Use Google, Bing, or Yahoo to run a search for local court reporting agencies and explore websites from the search results. Read court reporting agencies’ blogs and call at least three agencies to determine service levels and pricing. Determine whether there are discounts offered if clients accept case materials in an electronic format.

5. A Better Way To Find Vendors

Using a litigation support marketplace like Litigation Bids provides a better way to find and communicate with prospective court reporters and other litigation support vendors. Litigation Bids can help legal professionals find detailed provider profiles and user reviews, which can make it easier to find a reliable court reporter for a hearing, arbitration, or deposition.

In short, stop wasting hours searching Google and playing phone tag trying to find a great court reporter for your litigation needs. Litigation Bids makes it easy to find qualified court reporters. Simply post your project needs on our marketplace and let available court reporters come to you. You don’t need to share case details or even contact information. Interested vendors reply to you via the secure messaging built into LitigationBids.com. And since we offer a nationwide service, you can easily find court reporters and other litigation support vendors anywhere in the country. Best of all, the whole service is free to use.